Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Member and Subscriber?
A subscriber has a simple newsletter subscription at Pre-Launch Alert while a Pre-Launch Alert member has a registered account at Pre-Launch Alert.

Can I exchange Credits into Cash?
No. You can ONLY exchange credits into Advertising.

Can I earn as free member?
Yes, sure. Every email that you receive as free member will make you money on your acount.
Click here for memberships comparison.

How to stop receiving your emails in my Email account?
There are 2 options:
1. Delete your Pre-Launch Alert account.
2. Upgarde your account (Each upgrade last forever!) and select NOT to receive emails from us. With this option You will be able to read our emails from the member area.

Will I earn more as an upgraded Pre-Launch Alert member?
Yes, upgraded members earn much more than free members.
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How much can I earn?
Earning potential are unlimited at Pre-Launch Alert as you can see below.

When will i get paid?
You will get paid when You request your Cashout. The minimum cashout at Pre-Launch Alert is $3.00.
We will pay You with the "as soon as possible" formula, there is no reason for us to keep your money in our accounts - we pay only 1 payout request per person at a time!

Which Payment processors do you accept?
We currently use only Payza, SolidTrustPay, and PayPal.

Do I have to promote Pre-Launch Alert?
The short answer is NO.
However, promoting Pre-Launch Alert can be very profitable!
Each Pre-Launch Alert Solo Ad sent to subscribers and members cost up to $49.99. Just imagine if You would attract a program owner iterested in our service.. You would earn $20.00 (as Pro member) for every Solo Ad sent!
And usually each owner send out an avarage of 5 Solo Ads when they Launch a new Program!

But our Services are not only suitable to program owners. Many Heavy Promoters, Internet Marketers and Advertisers are also interested in our Services!

Also when Your Referrals Visit email links, You are rewarded in cash for every website they visit and every time one of them make an upgrade or even a Purchase.
And, finally, remember that You will even earn to Recruit FREE Active members!

Membership Free Pro
Receive Solo Ads at your Registered Email
Ability to Read Solo Ads from the members area
Cash Per Daily Login
Cash Per Solo Ad-Click
Cash Per Active Referral
Cash Per Referral Clicks
Credits per referral
Credits per Referral Clicks
Monthly Credits
Monthly Banner Imp.
Monthly Guaranteed Page View Ads
15% on Each Purchase
3% on Each Upgrade
40% on Each Purchase
8% on Each Upgrade
Upgrade Bonuses
Solo Ad-Click Bonuses
Advertising You Get
Pro10 Upgrade (Cost $9.99)
Earn $0.01 for 2000 Ad-Clicks
1 Solo Ad to 315 members
Pro30 Upgrade (Cost $29.99)
Earn $0.025 for 1700 Ad-Clicks
5 Solo Ads to 315 members
Pro50 Upgrade (Cost $49.99)
Earn $0.05 for1600 Ad-Clicks
10 Solo Ads to 315 members
Pro100 Upgrade (Cost $99.99)
Earn $0.10 for 1500 Ad-Clicks
20 Solo Ads to 315 members
Pro250 Upgrade (Cost $249.99)
Earn $0.25 for 1400 Ad-Clicks
50 Solo Ads to 315 members
* Once that Your Upgrade Bonus Ad-Clicks Expire, You will earn $0.0025 per Ad-Click.
   Each upgrade entitle You to a Pro Lifetime Membership.

How do I send out a Solo Ad to over 200,000?
Follow this link to Purchase a Solo Ad that will be to subscribers and members of Pre-Launch Alert.

My Question Isn't Listed On This Page...
Please click the link here to contact us.

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